Lactobacillus casei


Ingredient: Lactobacillus casei

Description: A freeze-dried powder of Probiotics seed that through activation, expanded culture, fermentation, centrifugation and vacuum freeze-drying.


Lactobacillus casei K35cfu/g

1*1011, 2*1011, 3*1011


Yellow or light yellow powder or granule.


No visible impurities.


The special odor of lactobacillus, no corruption, no odor.

Yeast and mold/cfu/g)




Staphylococcus aureus/g

Should not be detectednegative


Should not be detectednegative

Listeria monocytogenes /g

Should not be detectednegative


1. Improve structure of intestinal flora, balance microecology of intestine.

2. Maintain integrity of intestinal epithelial cell, diminish risk of bacterial translocation.

3. Secrete anti- inflammatory factors, diminish content of pro- inflammatory factors, restrain inflammation in the body effectively.

Recommend Application:

1. Recover and regulate disturbance of intestinal flora caused by taking antibiotics.

2. Problems of stomachache, abdominal distension and diarrhea caused by improper eating or irritable bowel.

3. The systemic inflammatory caused by hypoimmunity or constant subhealthy.

Recommend UsageHealthcare products, Dairy, solid beverages, candy and other enterprises that need probiotics in the production.


1. Products should be stored in the warehouse below -18°C.

2. Keep way from the direct sunlight, strong artificial light and improper heaters.

3. Pack and unpacked products should be stored separately and shall not be mixed with toxic, harmful, odorous items or other sundries.

Package: 1kg/Aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packing bag.

Shelf life: 18months in -18.

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