Welcome KRITTAPHONG GROUP from Laos to visit us

Issuing time:2018-06-28 11:40


27th, June, 2018, the chairman of Krittaphong Group Laos visited our office and Yikewei gave a warm reception.

Krittaphong Group was established in 2015 in Laos, is the joint- stock company with comprehensive commercial operation and development. Under the national strategic situation of reform and opening up in Laos, Krittaphong has established joint ventures with a number of China enterprises, run a number projects successfully. Now it is one of the strongest enterprises in Laos.

In the meeting, we have discussed scientific and technological exchange and management cooperation consultation. In response to the national Belt and Road strategic initiative and planning, in order to give full play to the advantages of scientific and technological exchanges and resource sharing between China and Laos. Guangzhou Yikewei will unite education department of China Agricultural University and Krittaphong Group to open the technological communication and cooperation regarding Child Health Project, then promote the development of Laos Child Health and Pharmaceutical and Healthcare fields.

The cooperation, Child Health Project is a milestone in our international development. We will take our probiotics to thousands of families and safeguard the health of people in Asia and around the world.


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